Digital Copiers and Printers

Rival Office Solutions provides business class digital copiers designed for businesses of all sizes. We have partnered with 3 top manufacturers - Ricoh, Sharp and Kyocera - giving our customers the best selection to fit their specific needs


For most offices it is ideal to connect your digital copier to your network and use it as your primary printer. By doing this you will typically save money since the cost per print will be lower than if you were to print to most stand alone printers.
Other advantages of printing with your digital copier include;

- printing at the speed of your digital copier engine
- you can utilize all of the copier features (2 sided printing, page numbering, stapling etc.)
- having access to a larger paper supply and paper size range to print on
- you'll have complete on-site service and supplies included



More and more offices are using digital copiers to scan documents into digital files for various reasons including;
- to archive electronically instead of paper files
- to send electronically
- to store as a back up
- to manipulate digitally



Most digital copiers also offer a fax option. Advantages of including fax capability to your digital copier include;
- eliminate 1 extra device (the stand alone fax machine)
- eliminate the consumable costs associated with a fax
- gain all the benefits of a robust digital copier such as larger paper supply and larger back up memory
- you'll have complete on-site service and supplies included


Colour Digital Copiers

The fastest growing segment of the industry is colour devices. The reason for the tremendous growth in colour systems include;
- colour digital copiers today are not much different in price to black and white systems
- the cost for service and supplies is much lower than even just a few years ago
- it is much less expensive to now produce full colour documents in-house than to outsource
- colour digital copiers can now produce quality that compares favourably with professionally printed documents

Be sure to contact a Rival Office Solution's representative today for a free on-site assessment to show you how your office can save money and improve your efficiency at (877) 662-8224.


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